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Benefits Of Social Media Marketing For Your Business5 min read

Gone are the days when salesmen or businessmen from all over the world had to put in long hours on the field to improve their enterprises or sales.

Gone are the days when globalization and such quick contact across the globe were merely the stuff of sci-fi novels and the imaginations of wide-eyed, interested, but unbelievers.

Social networking sites and social media applications have now brought the entire world to your fingertips.

In 2020, social media recorded a whopping amount of 3.6 billion users all over the world. This number has been predicted to increase to 4.41 billion in 2025 and with internet users spending an average of 144 minutes on social media, the statistics do not surprise.

With such widespread connectivity, communication, and accessibility of the internet and social media apps or social networking sites, there is barely a sphere that has been left untouched by this technological advancement. Amongst the many aspects of social media, marketing surely has a rank and a whole world of its own.

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A company without a proper Google Maps, its site, and its official page on social media platforms might as well be extinct. If your brand or company has no or even a minimal social media presence, it can end up negatively affecting your audience, present, and prospective customers.

According to research by Kepios, there are around 4.55 billion people active on social media. To build a brand and make your company a household name in your targeted location you will require something much more than the traditional gimmicks. This is where Social Media Marketing comes in. It is a proven blessing for businesses of all types.

According to GlobalWebIndex, 54% of all social browsers take the help of social media to research products. Social Media Marketing helps you soar through the skies of success.

It provides you with infinite opportunities. Social Media Marketing is, as the term itself suggests a type of marketing where businesses use social media platforms to build a network, promote their products and services while garnering the attention of prospective customers online.

Twitter has around 353 Million monthly users while Instagram has over 1.16 Billion monthly users. Facebook has reached a peak of over 2.7 Billion Users while LinkedIn has gotten itself 310 Million users per month.

To not use these gigantic numbers for your advantage will surely be a silly thing. 90% of businesses in social networking sites have witnessed a steady increase in their business exposure after trying out Social Media Marketing.

The list of things that Social Media Marketing helps a business achieve doesn’t here though.

Boost Sales

This one is very obvious. Social Media Marketing has had a higher lead-to-close rate when compared to other types of marketing. Social Media Marketing helps you catch the attention of prospective customers and clients, thus boosting your sales.

Helps Create Brand Recognition/Awareness

Social Media Marketing helps brands and companies expose themselves, their mission, their vision, their products, and services to a wider and more expanded audience. Social Media Marketing helps you connect with your audience and helps your audience link you with your product thus creating brand awareness.


The perks of Social Media Marketing are many. Amongst the pros are the pricing and the costs that Social Media Marketing requires. Most social media platforms and apps will let you create an official or business account for free. You can invest small amounts and with the help of a good Social Media Marketing strategy, you will be able to get higher returns with an increase in your conversion rates.

High Conversion Rates

Social Media Marketing also brings with it higher conversion rates. Every blog you post, every reel you upload, every remark you revert to and every comment you respond with will help you convert your audience into actual customers. It will help your audience feel closer to you and connect with you.

Personalized Marketplace/Audience Insights

Social Media Marketing will help you get personalized insights based on your page, accounts that interact with your posts, reels, stories, and more! This will help you understand your target audience though. It will help you get to know your customers better. It will help you know their preferences, their likes, dislikes, and their opinions regarding your brand.

Brand Loyalty & Customer Satisfaction

Social Media Marketing helps you bring out the human side of the company or brand. Customers usually connect with stories. No one likes the traditional gimmicks or marketing techniques that only deal with customers on the surface level.

Social Media Marketing will help you humanize your brand and develop a loyal customer base. Social Media Marketing will help you engage your customers, entertain them and even provide them with much-needed contentment. With the help of marketing campaigns, promoted advertisements, giveaways, competitions, etc. brands can take their business to the next best level.

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