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Flipkart Big Billion Day Campaign

Flipkart used memes & pop culture to promote Big Billion Days sale3 min read

The Big Billion Days from Flipkart just ended, and this year’s celebrations were bigger and more exciting than ever.

Flipkart’s #UpgradeTohBantaHai campaign literally painted the town blue. It combined offline and online activities to make the event a pan-India festival.

In 2022, a new method called “new-age meme marketing” helped Flipkart a lot.

Yes, they brought memes from the internet to the real world in the most creative ways.

Auto Rickshaws

Hundreds of rickshaws lit up the streets with memes:



Resident Instagram influencers did what they do best: they made slice-of-life skits and parodies while revealing details of the campaign in hilariously unthinkable ways.

We’re here to see it! Who doesn’t love Tanmay Bhat doing what he does best?

Through these posts and Reels, more influencers like Rahul Dua, Dharna Durga, Nirmal Pillai, and Kushaal Pawar spread the campaign’s main message: don’t adjust, but rather upgrade.

Social x Flipkart

Flipkart worked with the Social chain of restaurants to create a custom menu of drinks and decor that got people talking and made them curious.

It was the perfect way to show the brand’s identity in the campaign by bringing the brand’s signature colours to life with drinks.

The Train Campaign

The Big Billion Days were everywhere, from taxis to trains to airports.

Flipkart used public transportation to get a high recall value. Here’s how they did it:

From train stations full of people

To a never seen level of airport dominance

Everybody knew that September 23rd-30th, 2022, was the Big Billion Days sale.

Source: mad-over-marketing

It became something that no one could miss.

This year, Flipkart did it right. The buzz around the sale was unmatched, from memes and references to pop culture to the intelligent placement of offline ads.

So, the Big Billion Days turned into a holiday that brought the whole country together and made the holiday season even more special.

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